On-Site Glass Etching Since 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

What is On-Site Sandblast Etching?

EtchTech uses our own proprietary system using 180 grit (very fine) silicon carbide media under air pressure and vacuum to provide a beautifully etched surface WITHOUT MAKING A MESS and WITHOUT REMOVING ANY INSTALLED GLASS.


Immediately as the blast media hits and etches the glass, powerful suction removes the media before it has a chance to become the cloud of dust normally associated with sandblast etching.


What Designs are Available?

Commercial clients usually want their logo etched on their entry door, conference room, and/or promotional glassware items.  They will supply a vector image (.ai .eps .svg etc) of their logo and our cutting plotter will create an adhesive backed masking stencil to apply to the glass.


Non commercial clients want a variety of images etched.  Sometimes they have a file with their family crest.  Sometimes it’s their house number etched above their front door.  Or we can use most black and white images and create a vector image of any size to create their stencil.  Go to GOOGLE|IMAGES and search for SILHOUETTE _________ and fill in the blank with Moose, Mountains, Sun Sets etc.  Most of what comes back will be usable.


What is EtchTech’s Pricing?

EtchTech ALWAYS provides an all-inclusive price for your completed project.  We will never add ‘setup fees’, ‘machine time fees’, ‘disposal fees’, “pseudo-fees”, etc.   The only additional fee will be a ‘trip fee’ IF you are more than 35 miles from Lakewood, CO, and that fee will be in included in the all-inclusive price.



There will never be a charge for the numerous proofs you will be provided.  Your feedback to the proofs will fine tune your image until it exactly matches your mental image of perfection.  I generally provided them with assorted sizes and fonts to help you zero in on what is perfect for you.  The proofs will include the all-inclusive price.


In-Shop vs. On-Site?

Obviously On-Site is the most expensive.  I have to load, transport, unload, setup, etch, tear down, reload and clean up.  Then unload everything when I get back to the shop.  On-Site may be more cost-effective than removing installed glass and transporting it to and from Lakewood, CO.  However IF your project is part of a new construction process, it will definitely be more cost effective to have it done In-Shop.


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– Dave Detary, EtchTech Owner, Computer Geek, Installation Tech, Design Guy, Book Keeper, Janitor, etc. –